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Club Rules

Eagle Squadron Safety Guidelines

The following guidelines MUST be followed for AMA liability protection to apply:

  1. I will complete a successful radio equipment ground range check before the first flight of a new or repaired model.
  2. I will not fly model aircraft in the presence of spectators until I become a qualified flyer unless assisted by an experienced helper.
  3. I will perform my initial turn after takeoff away from the pit or spectator areas.
  4. I will operate my model using only radio control frequencies currently allowed by the Federal Communications Commission.
  5. I will not fly my airplane unless it is identified with my name and address or AMA number, on or in the model.
  6. All flying will take place in front of the established flight line. Only those persons flying or assisting pilots will be allowed in front of this line. All others will be on the spectator side of the line.
  7. Flying over the spectators side of the line is prohibited, unless beyond the control of the pilot.
  8. I will not consume alcoholic beverages prior to, or during, participation in any model operations.
  9. No flying without a current AMA card.


Additional club rules:

  • Frequency board will be used when using 72 MHz.
  • All pilots must be able to take off, perform basic flight maneuvers, and safely land to the satisfaction of a club officer before flying without an experienced pilot present.
  • Planes must be retrained at startup


In addition to the above rules, all members and guests must comply with the rules as required by the property owner and outlined in our Lease Agreement.

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